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30.06.2014 Gazprom leads Russia in shelf development

With the launch of the Prirazlomnaya field in the Pechora Sea (60 kilometers from Varandey in the Nenets Autonomoous District), Gazprom has begun work on the Arctic shelf as a center of production, Gazprom CEO Aleksey Miller said during the company's annual shareholders'

20.05.2014 Gazprom to sell Gazprom Neft Shelf, which develops Prirazlomnoye, to Gazprom Neft

The board of Gazprom has decided to pull investment from the limited-liability company Gazprom Neft Shelf which holds a license to develop the Prirazlomnoye deposit.

08.05.2014 “An Offshore Platform Is No Place for Experiments”

Damir Valeyev, deputy general director for strategic development at Gazprom Burenie, the general contractor for well construction at the Prirazlomnoye oil field in the Pechora Sea, told OGE in an interview how to achieve the zero LTI, what problems the complex geological

23.04.2014 Gazprom’s Arctic reserves expected to grow

Over the next several years, Gazprom’s Arctic shelf reserves may more than double, the head of Gazprom’s department for offshore deposits, Vadim Petrenko, told the conference “The Russian Fuel and Energy Complex in the 21st Century” on Tuesday, April 22. It is expected that hydrocarbon reserves will grow by 130% after large-scale geological research which will be conducted mainly at new blocks.

22.04.2014 Gazprom loads first oil from Russian Arctic shelf

On April 18, Gazprom loaded the first cargo of oil produced from the Prirazlomnoye field – the only Russian project for hydrocarbons development in the Arctic shelf, Gazprom’s press office said.

06.02.2014 Russia’s Gazprom Neft to send first tanker with oil from Prirazlomnoye in Q1 2014

Gazprom Neft plans to send the first tanker with oil from the Prirazlomnoye field to international markets in the first quarter of this year, Itar-Tass reported on February 5.

23.12.2013 Gazprom Begins Russian Arctic Offshore Production

Gazprom has begun oil production at the Prirazlomnoye deposit. This is Russia’s first Arctic offshore exploration project, which marks the start of establishing of a large hydrocarbon hub in the region.

04.10.2013 Gazprom on Track for Launch of Arctic Field

Gazprom has announced that it is on track to begin oil production this year at the Prirazlomnoye Arctic oil project that has ignited protests from environmental groups over the dangers of possible oil spills, Reuters reported on October 3.