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02.01.2014 Shell Buys Repsol’s LNG Portfolio outside North America for USD 1.6bn

Royal Dutch Shell plc ("Shell") on January 2 announced the successful completion of the acquisition of Repsol S.A.'s ("Repsol") liquefied natural gas (LNG) portfolio outside North America for a headline cash consideration of $4.1 billion.

18.10.2013 Russia, North America Invest to Feed Asian Demand

Fast-growing oil and gas producers Russia and North America are spending billions of dollars on pipelines and port facilities to supply energy to Asia, intent on grabbing a bigger share of the world's fastest growing fuel market from Middle East suppliers, Reuters said o

30.09.2013 Oil Producers Slow Spending In North America

Despite rising production and commodity prices, investing at North American oil fields has turned sluggish.

01.07.2013 Shale Gas Can Lift Demand, Consumption In North America

Shale gas could stimulate demand and consumption in North America rather than affecting global markets, said Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) secretary general Leonid Bokhanovskiy.

15.05.2013 IEA Forecasts Supply Shock to Reshape Oil Markets

The supply shock caused by the North American oil production booming in the next five years will not only have impact on global investment but also reshape transportation, storage and refinery of oil, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said Tuesday, Xinhua reports.

15.05.2013 Rail Shipments of Oil Concern IEA

The International Energy Agency said it has concerns about the safety of oil cargoes carried by rail in the United States, UPI reports.

15.05.2013 Oil Shockwaves From U.S. Shale Boom Seen by IEA Ousting OPEC

The U.S. shale boom will send “shockwaves” through the global oil trade over the next five years, benefiting the nation’s refiners and displacing OPEC as the driver of supply growth, the IEA said, according to Bloomberg.

14.05.2013 Arctic Oil, Natural Gas Defined as U.S. Priority

Arctic territory off the northern coast of Alaska is a key element of U.S. national and energy security interests, a national plan states, UPI reports.

13.05.2013 Natural Gas Rig Count in U.S. Drops to 350, Baker Hughes Says

The number of gas rigs in the U.S. declined by four this week to 350, according to Baker Hughes Inc. It’s the lowest total since June 1995, Bloomberg reports.

13.05.2013 U.S.-Europe Oil-Product Flow Seen Gaining in Shipbroker Survey

Shipments of refined oil products including diesel and gasoil to Europe from the U.S. Gulf Coast are poised to reach the highest level since January, a Bloomberg News survey showed.