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13.08.2014 International oil producers halt northern Iraq operations

Six international oil companies working in Iraq's Kurdish region, including Exxon and Chevron, have decided to suspend production and evacuate their staff for security reasons.

07.07.2014 Iraq crisis: Kurds pin hopes on an oil-rich future

Iraqi Kurds have already governed their territory, a land of wheat fields and rugged mountains that extends from Iraq's northern and western border with Turkey to the Iranian border in the east, for more than two decades.

26.06.2014 With new grip on oil fields, Iraq Kurds unveil plan to ramp up exports

Iraq's self-ruling Kurds outlined plans on Wednesday to swiftly ramp up oil exports now that their forces have taken control of Iraq's main northern oilfields, a move that could tear up the settlement holding Iraq together since the fall of Saddam Hussein.