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30.05.2014 Lifting US Export Restrictions Would Lower Gas Prices – IHS

Lifting the 1970’s-era restrictions on U.S.

18.09.2013 More Shale Oil In Russia, Argentina And Algeria Than The US: IHS

Argentina, Russia and Algeria may soon see an energy boom like the U.S.' as those countries' shale oilfields may hold larger reserves than current oil-producing states in the U.S., according to a report released by global information company IHS Tuesday.

09.08.2013 Iran Tanker Owner Seen Expanding Fleet by IHS Amid Sanctions

NITC, Iran’s biggest tanker company, increased the capacity of its supertanker fleet by 23 percent this year amid sanctions related to the nation’s nuclear program that bar most of the world’s ships from carrying Iranian crude, according to IHS Maritime.

21.10.2012 IHS Reports Major Oilfield Service Earnings Shift Away from North America

After riding high in 2010 and 2011 on drilling demand created by the North American shale boom and some recovery in the U.S.