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04.06.2014 Greenpeace defeated in Arctic protest

Greenpeace efforts to stop the northernmost oil prospect in the world failed after a standoff in the Barents Sea ultimately led to removal of the organization’s ship “Esperanza” by the Norwegian coastguard on May 30, Barents Observer reported on June 3.

02.06.2014 Norwegian ministry rejects Greenpeace appeal

Norwegian authorities on May 30 rejected an appeal from Greenpeace, thereby giving Statoil final permission to begin exploration activities on the Apollo prospect in the Barents Sea.

28.05.2014 Dutch arrest Greenpeace activists on Russian oil-drilling rig

Dutch police arrested six Greenpeace activists on May 27 after they prevented a Russian oil-drilling platform from leaving for the Arctic by chaining it to a dock in a Netherlands port, China Daily reported on May 28. 

27.05.2014 Greenpeace board Statoil’s rig en route to Barents Sea

On the morning of 27 May Greenpeace activists boarded the drilling rig Transocean Spitsbergen, Statoil’s press service has reported. The rig was en route to the Hoop area in the Barents Sea.

29.04.2014 Greenpeace may intercept first Russian Arctic oil shipment

Greenpeace International has scrambled its Rainbow Warrior III ship for a mission to intercept a tanker carrying the first oil produced at an offshore drilling platform in Russia, Barents Observer reported on April 28.

19.02.2014 Greenpeace warns Norway against Arctic exploration

As previously reported, the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy in the upcoming 23rd License Round intends to offer a total of 61 licenses in northern waters.

13.01.2014 Russia’s LUKoil to pay hefty fine for oil spills

A subsidiary of the Russian oil giant LUKoil has been slapped with a fine of 614 million rubles ($18.5 million), which Greenpeace said appeared to be the biggest such fine in Russia’s history, RIA Novosti reported on January 10.

07.10.2013 Russia Shrugs off Dutch Action over Greenpeace

Russia shrugged off Dutch legal action over its detention and prosecution of Greenpeace activists for piracy, saying on Saturday the group's protest at an Arctic oil platform had been "pure provocation", Reuters reported on October 5.

03.10.2013 Russia Charges Greenpeace Activists with Piracy

Russia charged Greenpeace activists with piracy over a demonstration last month against Arctic oil drilling, a charge that could bring long prison terms for a protest in a region the Kremlin sees as a key to future prosperity, Reuters reported on October 2.

20.09.2013 Russian FSB Forces Storm Greenpeace Icebreaker

Greenpeace has reported that at 19:00 Moscow time on September 19, 15 persons armed with automatic weapons boarded the Arctic Sunrise icebreaker in the Pechora Sea, ProNedra reports. The agents boarded the vessel by cable from helicopters.