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06.03.2014 Gazprom to complete studying Yakutia's Chayanda field by 2015

Gazprom will engage in geological prospecting at the Chayanda field in the Lena District of the Republic of Yakutia until 2015, Alexei Davydov, General Director of the Gazprom Geologorazvedka (geological prospecting), told Itar-Tass on March 6.

07.02.2014 Russian oilmen to receive tax breaks for geological prospecting

The Russian environment ministry has asked the government to stimulate geological prospecting with tax breaks and to introduce punishment for the failure to meet obligations regarding geological prospecting.

07.02.2014 Kazakhstan to spend more on geological prospecting

About $1.03 billion (160 billion tenge) will be allocated in the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2020 for the development of the geological prospecting sector and the mineral resources base, Aset Isekeshev, Vice Premier and Minister of Industry and New Technologies, announc

17.01.2014 Russian government softens stance on licensing

At a meeting chaired by Vice-Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, the environment ministry suggested amending the requirements to licensing conditions for hydrocarbon development and drawing and exhaustive list of conditions for correcting licensing agreements.