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03.06.2014 Ukraine’s stance on gas debt may complicate EU financial aid – unnamed diplomat

Ukraine’s tough stance on repayment of its gas debt to Russia may complicate prospects for financial aid from Europe, a diplomat from a Western European country told ITAR-TASS on June 2 ahead of trilateral gas talks between Russia, the EU and Ukraine in Brussels.

28.05.2014 Ukraine can pay for gas, but uncertain about price - minister

Ukraine has the money to pay its gas debts to Russia but is not certain about the price of Russian gas, Ukraine’s Finance Minister Oleksandr Shlapak said on May 27, ITAR-TASS has reported.

06.03.2014 Ukraine unable to pay for February gas deliveries – Gazprom

Ukraine has informed Russia that the country would not be able to pay fully for gas in February, Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller reported to Russian President Vladimir Putin on March 5, Itar-Tass has reported.

06.02.2014 Russia concerned over Ukraine gas debt

President Vladimir Putin's spokesman said on February 5 that Russia was increasingly concerned about Ukraine's growing debt on its gas payments and needed an explanation about Kiev's future policies in the face of pro-EU protests, AFP has reported.

05.12.2013 Ukraine Fails to Pay Debt to Gazprom, No Agreement Reached

Russia, Ukraine did not agree on the terms under which Ukraine will repay the country’s major gas debt to Russia yet, Gazprom CEO Aleksey Miller told reporters on December 4, Itar-Tass has reported.