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19.03.2014 Russia to increase severance tax and to cut oil export duty

The Russian government is planning a sharp cut in crude oil export duty with a simultaneous sharp growth of severance tax.

18.03.2014 Russia increases oil export duty

Russian oil export duty will rise $2.6, or 0.68 percent month-on-month on April 1, 2014, a leading expert at the tax and customs and tariff policy department of the Russian Finance Ministry Alexander Sakovich told Itar-Tass on March 17.

07.02.2014 Russia may cut gasoline export duty

Russia’s Finance Ministry has suggested reducing the gasoline export duty gradually to 87% in 2017 from the current of 90% of the oil export duty rate, a source familiar with the matter told Prime on February 6.

03.12.2013 Russia’s Urals Oil Price Falls 0.9% in November

The average price of Urals oil blend, Russia’s key export, fell 0.9% to U.S. $107.32 per barrel in November, Alexander Sakovich, an expert in the Finance Ministry, told Prime on December 2.

02.12.2013 Indian Finance Ministry Wants Capping of Gas Price under All Production Sharing Contracts

The finance ministry has advised its petroleum counterpart to consider imposing a cap on gas price under all contracts governing production sharing from fields, as part of its comment on the issue of pricing of shortfall gas from Reliance Industries operated KG-D6 block,