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07.02.2014 Russian oilmen to receive tax breaks for geological prospecting

The Russian environment ministry has asked the government to stimulate geological prospecting with tax breaks and to introduce punishment for the failure to meet obligations regarding geological prospecting.

24.01.2014 Russian environment ministry to guarantee offshore exploration rights

The Russian environment ministry is going to introduce guarantees on the right to develop the natural deposits whose exploration began before the offshore blocks were included in the list of federal areas.

17.01.2014 Russian government softens stance on licensing

At a meeting chaired by Vice-Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, the environment ministry suggested amending the requirements to licensing conditions for hydrocarbon development and drawing and exhaustive list of conditions for correcting licensing agreements.

16.01.2014 Eni reportedly to pull out of Polish shale gas exploration

Italian energy firm Eni will give up all of its Polish shale gas permits because of tough geology and an unclear regulatory environment, the same issues that have already pushed other foreign firms to quit Polish shale, industry sources said, Reuters reported on January