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24.01.2014 UK launches new tender for offshore oil and gas

Britain has launched its 28th tender for oil and gas licences, opening up new offshore areas to drilling for fossil fuels that generate important tax revenue and create jobs, Reuters reported on January 24.

15.08.2013 Russia's Rosatom Eyes Nuclear Contracts In Britain

Reuters reports that Russian state nuclear company Rosatom is considering selling reactors in Britain and will soon decide whether to apply for a UK reactor licence, a senior company executive said.

09.08.2013 Europe 'Missing Out' on Fracking Boom: British PM

British Prime Minister David Cameron warned Thursday that Europe was "missing out big time" on fracking and Britain would be making a "big mistake" if it shunned shale gas extraction, Global Energy World reports.

26.07.2013 British Police Investigating Shell And Eni Over Nigerian Oil Block Deal

British police are investigating a money-laundering allegation related to a big oil field bought by Shell and ENI from Nigeria for $1.3 billion (€984 million), after most of the cash they paid ended up in a company linked to a former Nigerian oil minister.

19.07.2013 Britain Promises World’s Most Generous Tax System for Shale

The U.K. government plans the world’s “most generous” tax system for shale gas to encourage development of a resource that may meet national demand for almost five decades.