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25.11.2013 Russian Sub-Soil Agency Continues Mapping of Arctic

Russian authorities continue hydrocarbon mapping in Arctic waters and will strengthen its regional geopolitical position, including in the Spitsbergen archipelago, Barents Observer reported on November 22.

18.11.2013 Russia’s Rosneft Plans Northern Route for Vankor Oil

Oil from the giant Vankor project could be taken out via a projected terminal in the Yenisey River, Barents Observer reported on November 15.

01.11.2013 Gazprom Wins Drilling Licenses in Russian Arctic

The Russian gas monopoly appears to be the winner in the latest round of licenses issued by federal authorities, Barents Observer reported on October 31.

21.10.2013 Two Trillion Roubles to Be Spent on Russian Arctic Exploration

Russian regional development minister Igor Slyunyayev has said almost RUR 2tn would be invested in the socioeconomic development of the Arctic areas.

04.10.2013 Gazprom on Track for Launch of Arctic Field

Gazprom has announced that it is on track to begin oil production this year at the Prirazlomnoye Arctic oil project that has ignited protests from environmental groups over the dangers of possible oil spills, Reuters reported on October 3.

27.09.2013 Putin Stresses Environmental Safety in Arctic Drilling

Arctic exploitation cannot be stopped, but the key principle in the development of the Arctic must be to preserve the environment and to maintain the balance between economic activity, human presence and conservation of the natural environment, President Vladimir Putin s

17.09.2013 Russian Arctic Oil Heads Towards Norwegian Terminals

Two Norwegian companies are preparing for the reloading and storage of oil from a major Russian oil company and will apply for the Norwegian authorities` permission to establish floating facilities in the bay of Korsfjorden, near the Russian border.

04.09.2013 Rosneft Keen To Control Roslyakovo Shipyard

In its bid to conquer the Arctic shelf, Rosneft is ready to engage extensively in Russian shipbuilding. The company has now got the Kremlin`s blessing for the acquisition of four yards, among them the Shipyard No 82 in Roslyakovo, newspaper Kommersant reports.

30.08.2013 Rosneft Backs Off From Barents Sea Licenses

Russian state oil company Rosneft calls back applications for eight licenses in the Barents Sea because of disagreements with Gazprom.

26.08.2013 Greenpeace Ship Defies Russia In Arctic In Oil-Drilling Protest

The Global Post reports that Greenpeace defied the prospect of a possible showdown with Russian authorities Saturday when it deployed an icebreaker through an Arctic shipping route without permission to protest against oil drilling.