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14.03.2013 Russian Tycoons Approach Former BP Chiefs

Dow Jones reports that representatives of the Alfa Group, set to earn billion of dollars from the sale of Anglo-Russian oil venture TNK-BP, have sounded out former BP CEOs John Browne and Tony Hayward about investing jointly in international oil projects, Reuters reporte

24.12.2012 Sechin, Dudley Discuss Plans to Integrate Rosneft and TNK-BP

Rosneft Chair Igor Sechin and BP Executive Director Bob Dudley met December 19 to discuss plans to integrate Rosneft and TNK-BP. The two adopted a decision to include Dudley in the presidium of the Coordination committee on integration, which is headed by Sechin.

13.12.2012 Rosneft Signs Agreement to Purchase AAR Consortium’s 50% Stake in TNK-BP

Rosneft signed in Munich at 7:45 AM local time on December 12 an agreement to purchase from the AAR Consortium (Alfa Group, Access Industries and Renova) its 50% stake in TNK-BP.

14.11.2012 BP, AAR Settle all Disputes Surrounding TNK-BP

BP and its Russian partner AAR say they have settled all disputes between them as both prepare to sell their stakes in their lucrative but contentious joint venture, TNK-BP.