Chernomortransneft Boosts Reliability and Safety of Production Facilities

September 2, 2015

In August 2015 Chernomortransneft implemented a series of shop-floor activities aimed at boosting oil transportation reliability and safety at the Krasnodar Regional Oil Trunk Pipeline Department (ROTPD).

Three new sections were connected to the Tikhoretsk-Tuapse oil trunk pipeline: 51.5–59.55 km (including an oil trunk pipeline underwater crossing via the Beisuzhek river), 132.63-133.96 km, and 167.33–177.01 km. The total length of newly-erected sections totaled 17.734 km.

After connection of the new sections, the oil from decommissioned sections of the Tikhoretsk-Tuapse OTP was forced out using a portable nitrogen compressor system (PNCS) by passing a batching pig.

Concurrently, Krasnodar ROTPD professionals completed another project: a trunk pipeline section was removed to the baffle in the area of the Zarechye oil pump station. Protection of the Zarechye PS area from flooding by the Tuapse river and the 1st Kashtanovaya Shchel brook was the main purpose of the work.

Besides, construction and erection operations were carried out at the Krymsk-Krasnodar oil trunk pipeline, where hydraulic testing of the 0–3.6 km linear portion was held. The need for the testing had emerged due to the upcoming rise of operating pressure at the discharge header of the Krymskaya PS-1. A rise in the oil trunk pipeline's delivery capacity is linked to the plans of boosting the volumes of oil pumping to the Afipsky Refinery.

A completed section (129.46–129.73 km, including replacement of the crossing via the Novotitarovskaya-Novovelichkovskaya Motor Road) was connected at the Tikhoretsk-Novorossiysk-1 oil trunk pipeline.

Moreover, completed was construction of the 193–198 km section of the Tikhoretsk-Novororriysk-2 oil trunk pipeline, along with section analysis using a BGT tool and dragging of the in-line inspection tools. The newly-built section is expected to be connected this September.

In August 2015, the Environmental Safety and Rational Nature Management Service at Krasnodar ROTPD of Chernomortransneft, JSC developed and completed inspection schedules for all building contractors operating at Krasnodar ROTPD facilities.

Source: Transneft