August 31, 2015

Halliburton announced the launch of ACTIVATESM Refracturing Service, a collaborative workflow that leverages subsurface insight, expertise and breakthrough diversion technology to recover bypassed reserves from unconventional wells more predictably and repeatedly. Generating more predictable results from refracked wells is creating a paradigm shift on how Halliburton targets shale/tight formation field development. Operators can now increase their ability to build a balanced portfolio with production distributed across new wells, infills and refracs in order to drive down the cost per BOE break-even point of their specific assets. With ACTIVATE Service, Halliburton can help operators increase their ultimate recovery and bookable reserves.

In basins where Halliburton has delivered ACTIVATE Service, operators are seeing on average an 80% increase in EUR per well, 66% reduction in cost per BOE from refractured wells compared to new wells, and a potential of up to a 25% increase in the oil recovery factor with a balanced portfolio.

The ACTIVATE Service leverages multiple Halliburton products, such as its AccessFrac® Stimulation Service, FiberCoil™ Tubing Service, FracInsightSM Service, Pressure Sink Mitigation Solution (PSM™) and Pinnacle’s Integrated Sensor Diagnostics (ISD) to obtain subsurface insight and bring together the needed expertise to make refracs more reliable and predictable. “Our customers can be confident that Halliburton’s ACTIVATE Service has shown that it can help deliver their projects at a lower cost per BOE, and that we are helping reduce the unpredicatbility that has surrounded refracturing projects in the past,” said Jim Brown, Halliburton’s president of the Western Hemisphere. “Given today’s commodity prices, adding more refracs to their unconventional portfolios just makes sense and can help increase the profitability of the operators’ assets.”

Source: Halliburton