State-of-the-Art Technologies Make Russian Companies Efficient on International Markets

March 6, 2015

Serbian NIS provides complete process automation solutions from OZNA for Kikinda Polye, Turia Sever and Velebit oil fields in Serbia. OZNA Massomer automated group metering stations will monitor well flow rates for effective field exploration. 30 such stations are already in place and 17 are to be supplied in 2015. Using the metering stations NIS  can significantly reduce measurement time, monitor well flow rates online, minimize measurement errors and cut expenses on well output control. 

        OZNA Massomer is capable of connecting 1 to 14 wells. Liquid-gas mixture comes from each well via gathering facilities into the wells multistage switch, which helps to direct the output of a well into the station. The flow rate is measured by separating the stream liquid and gas phases. Liquid and gas mass flow is determined by Micro Motion Coriolis Flow Meters and water cut is measured either with water cut meters or by means of indirect method. Gas mass flow is further converted into volumetric flow rate.
        As part of the station, Micro Motion CMF Series Coriolis flow meters ensure high measurement accuracy. The solution enabled direct mass flow measurement, high stability of readings in harsh environments, reliable operation even in case of free gas content in fluids to be measured, and wide dynamic range that allowed for a compact footprint of the station.
        Micro Motion flow meters from Emerson ensure stability, reliability and high performance for the most critical applications. With the installation base of over 750 thousand units, they have been widely used around the world already for 30 years.
        "When implementing our customers' projects, we try to consider specific nature of each company and provide them a unique offer," Mikhail Kravtsov, OZNA Management, OOO Director General, said. "In our business we use state-of-the-art solutions and world class technologies that enable us to achieve success at minimum costs."
         Emerson and OZNA have been partners in measurement and automation market for over 14 years. Nearly 90% of OZNA measurement stations have been equipped with Emerson field devices. This year, the companies have moved to a long term cooperation by signing a two-year supply contract for measuring instruments.

Source: Emerson