Total launches the development of Edradour and acuires a 60% stake in Glenlivet

July 3, 2014

Total launches today with its partner DONG development Edradour gas field, located west of Shetland, and acquires a 60% interest in the adjacent discovery of Glenlivet . Connecting Edradour and Laggan-Tormore Glenlivet will start production of additional reserves estimated at over 65 million barrels of oil equivalent.

" With the next start of Laggan-Tormore, launching Edradour and entry into Glenlivet, Total develops a new strategic hub in the west of Shetland , "said Patrice de Vivies, Exploration and Production Director for Europe North. " The launch of Edradour also demonstrates our commitment to cost control. In 2013, the project was suspended due to significant cost increases revealed during the bidding. But negotiations with contractors have reduced costs to a level to start today. "

Total is operator of the discovery of Edradour in which it holds a 75% stake alongside DONG E & P (UK) Limited (25%). Following the entry of Total in Glenlivet with a 60%, DONG will retain a 20% stake alongside Faroe Petroleum (UK) Limited and First Oil Expro Limited, each holding a 10% stake. Total (80%, operator) and DONG (20%) are also partners in the development of Laggan-Tormore.

The Edradour fields and Glenlivet

The discovery of Edradour is located on the block 206/4a by about 300 meters of water depth, 75 kilometers north-west of Shetland. Its development plan includes the conversion of the discovery well in producing well and a connection through a pipeline 16 km Laggan-Tormore pipeline. The start of production is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2017 and it will reach a plateau 17,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boe / d). The cost of development is estimated at 340 million pounds.

The discovery of Glenlivet is situated on the block 214/30a by about 435 meters of water depth, 90 km north-west of Shetland. Total and partners Glenlivet studying the possibility of expanding the reservoir with two wells and a connection to Edradour facilities by pipeline 17 km. A decision Glenlivet partners on the development of the field is expected shortly.

Total Exploration & Production in the UK

Total has been present in the UK since 1962 and is currently one of the leading oil and gas operators with a production share Group 105,000 boe / d in 2013. More than 90% of the total production in the UK comes from operated several fields in two major areas: the Alwyn / Dunbar area north of the North Sea and the Elgin-Franklin field in the Central Graben.

Current developments include the West Franklin Phase II project (Total operator, capacity 40,000 boe / d), and the Laggan-Tormore project (Total operator, capacity 90,000 boe / d) west of Shetland . The start of production for both projects is expected in 2014 and will allow Total to become by 2015 the largest producer of oil and gas in the United Kingdom.

Source: Total, 2014.