Italian Innovation in Wind and Hydropower

June 12, 2014

Making improvements to existing plants and building new facilities that employ water already used for hydropower generation are the two ways in which hydroelectricity will develop in Italy, according to Enel Green Power's Head for Europe Roberto De Ambrogio .

'EGP, a leader in this field, is engaged in a broad restyling of its plants as well as in developing and building facilities that employ the minimum vital flow of already operating plants,' said De Ambrogio in a recent interview with the press agency AGI Energia. 'All this is achieved in harmony with the local economy and environment.'

The Trezzo d'Adda and Borgo Mozzano units are perfect examples of this . The pair have been designed to enhance the minimum vital flow, while the one in Campiglio uses Very Low Head technology that can exploit an unevenness only a few metres.

EGP has more installed wind power capacity than in any other green energy, but it still has considerable potential for growth in Italy. 'However, there is a need for more fluid, homogeneous authorisation procedures with more rigorous time limits that encourage the use of this type of cutting-edge technology,' added De Ambrogio.

A technology that is certainly innovative is that of micro wind power , which De Ambrogio says 'is rapidly developing, but greatly depends on incentives that are justified by diseconomies of scale. This is why Enel Green Power is seeking new solutions like the prototype machine designed by Renzo Piano'.

The benefits of these facilities are numerous and include zero emissions and affordable generation, reduced maintenance, the low levels of sight pollution as they require a limited amount of surrounding space.

Source : Enel Green Power S.p.A.