Fluke’s New Temperature Calibrator – High Precision in Monofunctional Instrument

April 21, 2014

Fluke Corp. introduces its two monofunctional calibrators for modeling the temperature sensors of technological processes. The calibrators are aimed at application engineers who require high precision of temperature calibration rather than complex multifunctional testing tools. The Fluke® 712B RTD and 714B Thermocouple Temperature Calibrators ensure quick and easy checking of the for process temperature measuring equipment by engineers servicing instruments, processes and production lines.

The Fluke 712B model measures and simulates resistance and 13 different types of resistive temperature detectors (RTDs); the 714B model measures and simulates voltage (mV) and 17 different types of thermocouples. This means that the engineer can check the sensors of technological process by direct comparison of measured and indicated temperature.

The calibrators measure signals from 4 to 20 mA (with a step of 0.001 mA) while simultaneously sourcing a temperature signal. All the data displayed on a large backlit display for easier sensor calibration.

To check the values for 0 and 100% in the temperature sensor, calibrators able to recalculate the measured mA current to the preset 0 and 100% values on the temperature scale. They also support linear signal and automatically changing signal (in 25% steps) based on the settings for the 0 and 100%.

Power down settings remembered at power up for easy restart of tests on calibrator turn-on. Both instruments come with a magnetic hanging strap that provides a convenient means of fastening it to any ferrous surface for easier measurements.

Source: Fluke