Ukrainian radical leader threatens to sabotage Russian pipelines

March 17, 2014

The head of the Ukrainian nationalist movement Dmitry Yarosh has threatened to explode the gas pipeline through which the Russian gas is supplied to Europe, aiming to deprive it of its financing source, Voice of Russia reported on March 16.

Yarosh voiced his threats as part of his "address to the Ukrainian government and his compatriots" in which he is accusing Moscow of having plans to seize Ukraine . The text of his address was cited by the UNN news agency.

"We are well aware of the fact that Russia is earning money by transporting its oil and gas to the West through our pipe. Therefore, we'll destroy this pipe in order to deprive Russia of its financing source."

Yarosh threatened to 'destroy the pipe', because with its help 'Russia is making money, distilling oil and gas.' He also demanded the Ukrainian government to immediately form a Supreme High Command General HQ, declare a levy en masse, take weapons inland, ensure the supply of arms from NATO countries.

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