Russia’s Rosneft chief says not to break up Gazprom monopoly on gas export

February 7, 2014

Rosneft chief Igor Sechin said his company does not intend to break up Gazprom’s monopoly on gas export, Itar-Tass reported on February 6.

“Rosneft is a law-abiding company and is not in the habit of encroaching on the normative base. There’s no need for such provocations,” Sechin said. “We will continue working in the framework of the opportunities the present legislation offers,” he said.

“Everything suits us fine,” Sechin said, while remarking that, should the law change, discussion would follow.

As was reported earlier, Rosneft drafted proposals to end Gazprom’s monopoly on pipeline gas export. According to a source, Rosneft proposes to a two-stage reform of the gas industry.

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