SGS Inspecting Gas Turbines in Ukraine

July 18, 2013

In January 2013, a super-large petroleum and petrochemical enterprise group awarded SGS a contract to inspect five gas turbine engines of 16MW each used for the production of electric power in Ukraine.

Four SGS Ukraine experts are performing high-level on-site inspections and applying testing methods according to international standards during production at the power plant in the city of Nikolaev. Inspectors are working full-time, six days a week and dealing with an enormous amount of technical and shipping documentation. Currently contracted for six and a half months, SGS inspections could last until the end of 2013.

SGS Ukraine is extensively experienced in the inspection and testing of various types of turbines and is extremely competent in projects of this kind. SGS Ukraine has also successfully worked with this particular client on similar projects in the past.

On-Site Services in Nikolaev

In this latest project, SGS Ukraine inspectors are examining gas turbine engines, checking main parts of the fuel system and rotors. SGS professionals are conducting function and production testing of assembled units and block systems, controlling marking and packing and supervising loading in preparation for shipment by sea. These SGS inspection and supervision services are ensuring that the project be completed on time and on budget while guaranteeing compliance with all relevant quality standards and regulations.

SGS Loading & Unloading Supervision

As a major player in an increasingly global economy, this prestigious petroleum and petrochemical provider operates in numerous locations across the world serving a wide range of international customers and sourcing a large pool of suppliers and vendors from around the globe. Therefore, the proper handling of goods is imperative in order to avoid extra costs caused by preventable damage and delays. SGS loading and unloading supervision services personnel are making sure that all goods and equipment are handled safely and appropriately in the Ukraine project.

Source : SGS, 2013.