Cover Story: Bentec to Unveil Tyumen Rig Plant

December 5, 2012

The men at the helm of the German engineering firm and rig fabricator, Bentec, were waiting patiently in early September for the arrival in Tyumen of the last of the overhead cranes needed to complete fit-out of the company’s West Siberian manufacturing plant.
“Then we’ll fix a date for the grand opening party; our target is the end of October, beginning of November,” Norbert Gebbeken, the commercial side of Bentec’s two-man team of managing directors, told Oil&Gas Eurasia. Bentec is investing 20 million euros to construct the 11,000 square meter facility.
The fabrication plant and rig-up yard sits on 80,000 sq. meters of land, the site of the former aviation gas turbine manufacturer Tymenskie Motorostroiteli. The plot has direct access to roads and the Russian railway. In Tyumen, Bentec expects to eventually employ 300 highly-skilled specialists, as many as work at Bentec headquaters in Bad Bentheim, Germany. (See OGE June, 2006, “Bentec Bets on Russia,” on
Bentec’s Tyumen plant is one of several major foreign investments into industrial infrastructure that Tyumen regional authorities have managed to attract to support West Siberia’s oil and gas service and supply sector. For Bentec, it is their major step in realizing a business strategy to double current revenue, and to realize half of the company’s global growth in coming years from its Russian business.
In recent months, Bentec has signed contracts with an (undisclosed) Russian company and with the drilling contractor SSK (Siberian Drilling Co.) to manufacture totally 11 new rigs and the option to order up to six more rigs at a later date. These orders will enable the Tyumen plant to quickly ramp up to capacity within its first year of operation, according to Gebbeken, and fellow MD Arend Loedden who handles the technology side of the business.
SSK (Siberian Service Co.) ordered four Bentec HR 4500 Cluster Slider™ rigs and another Russian company has contracted for seven rigs – four HR 5000 Cluster Slider™ and three 320-ton stationary rigs. These new orders bring the total number of rigs Bentec is currently building for the Russian market to 14. Fabrication of another order for three HR 5000 Cluster Slider™ has already begun at Bentec’s Bad Bentheim plant.
Deliveries to the field of these orders will begin in the second half of 2009 and continue through the fourth quarter of 2010. All 14 rigs are Arctic class, specially outfitted for operation in -45 C. Bentec also meets all Russian GOST certifications.
“We have a good match in the time frames of the contracts and with the start up of the facility; we’ll have work for the facility from the start,” said Loedden. “It all matches up very nicely. The ramp-up takes place over more than a year as we bring up our staff and increase activity month to month, quarter to quarter.”
Gebbeken added: “Bentec has contracts for 21 rigs (worldwide) and of those, 14 are for Russia. The demand on the Russian market is actually developing like we expected (see