Ukrainian prime minister asks EU to buy gas on border with Russia

May 21, 2014

Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has urged the European Commission and the leaders of EU states to start receiving Russian gas on the Russia-Ukraine border, the press service of Ukraine’s cabinet of ministers reported on May 20, ITAR-TASS has said.

“We suggest transferring receiver locations for Russian natural gas to the Russia-Ukraine border and sign new appropriate contracts to allow European gas companies to use Ukraine’s vacant underground gas storage facilities in the common interests of energy security,” Yatsenyuk wrote in his letter to the European Commission leadership.Until recently European consumers have been receiving Russian natural gas on Ukraine’s western border.

“Ukraine, which is a signatory to the European Energy Charter, is officially stating its stance consisting in the need to jointly modernize and operate Ukraine’s gas transportation network, including underground gas storage facilities, by the Ukrainian state with attraction of investors from the European Union and the United States,” Yatsenyuk said.

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