Ukraine has enough natural gas for one month

April 7, 2014

Natural gas reserves in Ukraine’s storage units will be enough to supply the country for a month only, Ukrainian Energy and Coal Industry Minister Yury Prodan said on April 4, Itar-Tass has reported.

“As of today we have 7 bln cubic meters of stored natural gas,” Prodan said. “In other words, it will be enough for the country for about a month, considering the current pace of consumption.”

Speaking about the possible ways of reducing the gas consumption, Prodan said that some enterprises in the country can be cut off from gas supplies as “the weather's got warmer.”

“We also need to look and find some [manufacturing] productions that could be limited in their output and where natural gas can be replaced with coal,” Prodan said.

The official, however, added that it was undesirable for Kiev and Moscow to deadlock the situation by reducing the volume of Russian natural gas supplies for Ukraine.

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