Ukraine Cuts Domestic Gas Prices

January 2, 2014

Ukraine lowers gas prices for organisations, financed from state and local budgets and for industries, Itar-Tass reported on January 1.

The lower prices could be possible following the agreements between Kiev and Moscow on revision of the contracted price for Naftogaz Ukrainy. An addendum to the contract of 2009 was signed between the Ukrainian company and Russia’s Gazprom during a meeting of the Ukraine-Russia intergovernmental commission on December 17, 2013. The document reads the price imported by Naftogaz is lowered from over 400 to 268.5 dollars per a thousand cubic metres.

Ukraine’s national commission on electric energy regulations tells Itar-Tass the highest possible price for Ukraine’s consumers is lowered by 29.2 percent to 2,448 hryvnias (306 dollars) per one thousand cubic metres.

Besides, the price for industries is lowered by ten percent to 3,113 hryvnias (389,13 dollars) per one thousand cubic metres.

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Boyko told a news conference on December 30, 2013 “lower gas prices for the industries mean higher competitiveness of enterprises, growing demand and lower costs, especially where more gas is used.”

“It will be very useful both for the domestic consumption and market, and for the higher export component,” Boyko said adding the government would be able to save with lower gas prices about three billion dollars in 2014.

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