Ukraine charged for June gas deliveries by Russia

May 14, 2014

Russian gas giant Gazprom has presented Ukraine with a provisional invoice for gas supplies in June proceeding from daily delivery of 114 million cubic metres, Gazprom spokesman Sergei Kupriyanov told reporters on May 13, ITAR-TASS has said.

“Today Gazprom has sent an official notification to Ukrainian national oil and gas company Naftogaz Ukrainy about transfer to advanced payment for gas supplies according to clause 5.8 of the 2009 contract. We have forwarded a provisional invoice with contracted daily delivery of 114 million cubic metres. With due account of days-off, Naftogaz Ukrainy must pay this invoice before June 2 and starting from June 3 the company will be receiving gas supplies for Ukrainian consumers only in already paid amounts,” Kupriyanov said.

He also noted that Naftogaz Ukrainy’s overdue debt makes $3,508 billion now, therefore, “no one can have doubts that this is a quite weighty and fair reason to apply the specific provision of the contract for advanced payment.

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