Ukraine Buys Only 30% of Natural Gas in Russia — Finance Minister

March 23, 2015

Ukraine is currently buying only 30% of natural gas in Russia, Ukraine’s Finance Minister Natalia Yaresko said Friday.

Yaresko said that currently Ukraine is buying 70% of gas in the EU, which is reverse gas. Earlier Ukraine imported gas only from Russia, she added.

"We have started to diversify our gas imports. This is very important in terms of dependency on energy carriers. Importing gas from Russia is not a problem but having only one gas supplier may have consequences for Ukraine", she said.

Yaresko said that diversification of gas supplies is also advantageous in terms of price.

"This is not only a matter of independence but also a matter of price" she said.

According to Yaresko, gas imports from the EU cost $50 less for 1,000 cubic meters than gas imports from Russia.

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