Trutnev at a meeting with Vladimir Putin

March 20, 2009

Northwest Russia pipeline project poses no "risks" - minister

 Russia's natural 
resources minister on Wednesday said his ministry "can't see any serious 
risks" about    a   project   to expand the pipeline network in northwestern 
Russia and praised an oil project in the country's Sakhalin region. 
      "We   are keeping all major infrastructural projects under control," 
Yury Trutnev said at a meeting with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. 
      Answering   a   question   by   Putin   about   the project to expand the 
northwestern   pipeline   network,   Trutnev   said   that   "all   the work is 
complying with the law," that "we are carrying out environmental tests," 
and that "we can't see any serious risks." 
      Going   over   to   a Sakhalin oil project, Putin asked: "How have the 
companies amended their work after the intervention of your [ministry]?" 
      "All    the    shortcomings   that   we   found   fault   with   have   been
eliminated, and today we have every reason to consider this an exemplary 
project," Trutnev said.