Transportation Development to Increase Gas Production in Yamal by 30%

October 23, 2013

The Yamal autonomous area’s expert council has discussed the prospects of exploration in Yamal and measures to boost exploration works in the region.

Yamal first deputy governor Aleksey Sitnikov chaired a meeting of the council in Tyumen on October 22.

Pravda URFO has learnt from the governor’s press service that transportation infrastructure development, which is supported by the local government and exploration firms, makes it possible to launch new projects.

“According to recent updates, only 18% of the 119 blocks put up for auctions during the past couple of years were met with demand. There were no auctions on 97 blocks due to the absence of demand. All those unwanted blocks have one feature in common – they are located in the areas where the energy transportation infrastructure is not developed,” said Sitnikov.

Experts have calculated that the development of new Arctic fields will make it possible to increase gas production in the Yamal peninsula by 30% and oil production by 150% by 2020.

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