Total to participate in Novatek LNG plant construction in Russia’s Yamal

January 30, 2014

French energy giant Total is set to participate in a project to build a second LNG plant of Russian second largest gas producer Novatek in Russia’s Arctic autonomous region Yamal, President of Gas& Power, Total, Philippe Sauquet, told Itar-Tass on January 29.

It was reported earlier that Novatek would build a second liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant in Yamal on the basis of Salmanovskoye and Geofizicheskoye oil and gas condensate fields, the start of construction is planned in 2018, the Russian government said in the December 19 decree posted on its website. A first line of the LNG plant with a capacity of 5-5.5 million tonnes is planned to build and put into operation in 2018-2022, a second line (also with a capacity of 5-5.5 million tonnes) in 2019-2024, a third line with the same capacity is planned to build and commission in 2020-2025.

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