TNK-BP's Russian Shareholders Prepare New Suits Against BP

April 25, 2011
TNK-BP's Russian Shareholders are preparing to file new suits against BP, this time in Russian as well as international courts, co-owner and board member in the company Viktor Vekselberg said during an interview on Ekho Moskvy.

The AAR consortium's conflict with the oil giant began when the British company announced plans to work with Rosneft in developing the Arctic shelf.

Earlier, Vekselberg stated that AAR did not want to sell its stake in TNK-BP. "We are fighting for our right in line with the shareholders' agreement (between BO and its primary partner AAR)", Vekselberg noted. "We do not want to sell, we do not want to get out. We are defending TNK-BP's interests. Why are they trying to push us out? We want to work with TNK-BP", Vekselberg said.

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