TNK-BP Successfully Completes Its First Offshore Drilling Project on Vietnamese Shelf

April 19, 2012
TNK-BP announced today that the group’s subsidiary TNK Vietnam has successfully completed the drilling of two development wells on the Lan Đỏ offshore field in Vietnam.

TNK Vietnam began drilling operations on subsea development wells on January 14, 2012. Their construction on the Lan Đỏ field took 94 days to complete and proceeded at depths of 185 meters 28 km fr om the Lan Tây offshore platform on Block 06.1, wh ere TNK-BP is producing natural gas for power generation in Vietnam. The wells will be tied back to the existing Lan Tây Platform using a single 12-inch subsea flow line in late May 2012.

According to the development plan, the first Lan Đỏ gas will flow through the pipeline in the fourth quarter of 2012. Lan Đỏ’s annual production capacity of 2 billion cubic meters will sustain Block 06.1’s current production of 4.7 billion cubic meters a year.

Alexander Dodds, TNK-BP’s Executive Vice President, Upstream, said: “Completion of the first two development wells is a significant milestone for our company, as it is the first ever offshore drilling project for the TNK-BP Group. The project was delivered right on time, and we expect first gas from the new Lan Đỏ field as early as in October 2012.”

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