TNK-BP Looks to Russian Oil Field Manufacturers To Replace Imports

April 28, 2010
TNK-BP is open for proposals of Russian equipment manufacturers from Tyumen offering equipment matching imported equipment, TNK-BP Vice President of Management Oleg Chemezov said at a meeting of TNK-BP’s contracting coordination group held April 27 in Tyumen and chaired by Alexander Mor, Deputy Governor of Tyumen Region.
The main criteria for cooperation of TNK-BP with Russian equipment manufacturers is that their equipment must be licensed and meet quality and price requirements.
Substituting Russian-made  equipment for imports was the main subject of the meeting. Mor stressed that this subject will be discussed with all oil and gas companies in Tyumen Region in the next two months. The first negotiations were conducted with TNK-BP. Fifteen managers of leading equipment manufacturers from the Tyumen Region took part in the meeting.
Oleg Chemezov said Schlumberger's plant in Tyumen plant become one of the major suppliers of equipment for TNK-BP in near future. Neftemash also expressed its willingness to supply its equipment to TNK-BP.
Apart from import substitution, participants in the meeting discussed current contracting proceedings and issues. Olga Malyshkina, Vice President, Supply Chain Management Division, TNK-BP, named the innovation and research complex “Tyumen Water Treatment Systems” and the Tyument Metalwork Plant as the company's most successful partners last winter.
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