TNK-BP Installs Geological Information System at Saratov Oil Refinery

August 24, 2010
Implementation of an innovative project has begun at the Saratov Oil Refinery (incorporated into TNK-BP) for integration of a geological information system, which will tangibly improve the efficiency of enterprise management and emergency control.
Integration of the geological information system will allow specialists of the Saratov Oil Refinery to use an interactive map of the enterprise with detailed images of all communication lines, facilities, relief, etc. and considerably speed up the processes of information retrieval and decision making. Implementation of the project will also increase the emergency response speed, for example the speed of oil spill response, and allow choosing the best emergency response measures as fast as possible.
In future, the geological information system will be significantly upgraded with three-dimensional imaging and become even more realistic. The geological information system will be tried in Q2 2011. Specialists of the Lisichansk Oil Investment Company, the Saratov Oil Refinery, and the Corporate Center of TNK-BP take part in development of the geological information system. The company is going to invest over $290,000 into implementation of this project.
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