TNK-BP Establishes Council For Interaction With Contractors

July 20, 2010
To improve the system of relationships with contractors and make the activities of the company more transparent, the management of TNK-BP decided to create a Council for interaction with suppliers and contractors. TNK-BP is one of the major players on the Russian market of goods and services with an annual contracting budget of approximately 180 billion rubles. The council will be established at the convention of contractors of the company, which will be held in late September 2010.
The main goals of the council will be creation of forums for direct dialogs of TNK-BP with suppliers and contractors, improvement of the contracting efficiency, explanation of the interaction principles and practice to contractors, and detection and prevention of violations of these principles and rules.
The council will consist of a corporate council, regional councils, and grievance commissions. German Khan, Executive Director of TNK-BP, will take the position of corporate council chairman.
Between July 19 and August 9, the company website will be providing a questionnaire for company contractors, most of which will participate in the convention of TNK-BP suppliers and contractors.
“TNK-BP was always committed to high standards of business conduct, which imply development of competition, improvement of the quality of product, and integration of innovative technologies. Now TNK-BP is starting a new three-year stage of business planning, which requires development of the existing standards and procedures. We are going to improve our interaction with contractors and hope for openness, trust and professionalism from our suppliers and contractors,” said German Khan.
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