TNK-BP Discovers New Oil Reservoir in Sorochinskneft Licensed Area

June 10, 2010
A new oil reservoir has been discovered in Frasnian deposits in the Vostochno-Radovsky license area of NGDU Sorochinskneft, a TNK-BP subsidiary, Sorochinskneft Exploration Department Head Alexander Popov said. Production of Frasnian oil will begin after drilling and case-hole testing works are completed.
NGDU Sorochinskneft is conducting extensive exploration works. Construction of two exploration wells is currently underway in the Vostochno-Radovsky and Vostochno-Tolkaevsky license areas. Three-dimensional seismic exploration is started in the Kichkassky license area, which will complete last year’s exploration works for fulfillment of license commitments and exploration of the Alisovsky license area.
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