Tatneft Scientific and Technical Center Becomes Full Fledged Skolkovo Resident

February 4, 2013

The Scientific and Research Center of the JSC Tatneft has been assigned the project participant status of establishing and operating the "Skolkovo" Innovation Center. An appropriate entry has been made in the register of the project participants according to the Federal Law "On the"Skolkovo" Innovation Center".

The research will be carried out in the field of oil and gas production, oil and gas exploration, oil and gas processing, petrochemicals, IT and resource conservation. Appropriate technologies will include heavy oil production developments, environmentally oriented projects, effective management methods of intellectual fields' development, etc.

Originally the SRC of the JSC Tatneft will act on the basis of TatNIPIneft, which is a research and design center of the company. The scientific and technical center will develop a range of innovative and sought- after projects in two clusters: power efficient and information technologies.

Currently, work has already begun on three contracts.

TatNIPIneft specialists study aspects of technology development for re-use of produced water for steam generation in extra-viscous oil production, which is a very important trend in terms of resource management.

The second project is the development of a nuclear magnetic resonance technique to determine the viscosity of crude oil under reservoir conditions.

One more project of the company at the "Skolkovo" site is aimed at the research and development of microbiological methods to enhance crude oil recovery from carbonate reservoirs.