Spain Offers to Be Gas Transit Country, Save EU from Russia

June 18, 2014

Europe could import African gas via Spain to reduce dependency on Russian resources, a Spanish expert believes.

"Spain's gas transportation system is well-developed. We could be a transit country for supplies to other European countries," Marta Margarit, spokesperson for the Association of Spanish Gas Companies, was quoted as saying by German radio Deutschlandfunk.

Margarit believes Europe would need that gas pipes be built to connect Spain and France in order to have deliveries from the Iberian Peninsula.

"The project has been launched from the Spanish side, but from the French side nothing has been done," she says.

She also argues the continent could thus protect itself from the aftermath of Moscow's dispute with Ukraine, as Spain does not import any Russian oil or gas.

Instead the country depends mostly on a pipeline linking it with Africa, but also on its six terminals for liquefied natural gas (LNG).

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