South Stream signs option for storage and handling of pipes in Bulgaria

January 16, 2014

The South Stream Offshore Pipeline will consist of four parallel pipelines through the Black Sea, each made up of over 75,000 pipe segments. The pipes will be stored in so-called marshalling yards at harbours on the shore in Bulgaria, and shipped to specialized pipe-laying vessels when construction starts in 2014, South Stream’s press service said on January 15.

South Stream Transport has identified suitable storage areas at the Port of Burgas and the Port of Varna East and the Port of Varna West. The ports may be used for marshalling yards and related logistics services during pipeline construction, for a period of 4 to 6 years.

Oleg Aksyutin, CEO of South Stream Transport: "The marshalling yards in Bulgaria will play a key role in the logistics for laying the offshore pipeline and we are very happy to have come to an agreement with the two Bulgarian ports. This brings additional business to Bulgaria and at the same time ensures timely implementation of the South Stream Offshore Pipeline."

Bozhidar Chaparov, Executive Director of the "Port Varna" EAD: "In its 108 year history, the Port of Varna has proved to be the biggest port operator in Bulgaria. Only in 2013, we have processed over 10.7 million tonnes of cargo. Our extensive experience, the equipment we provide and our excellent storage facilities mean we can confidently meet this new challenge."

Georges Dereliev, executive director of Maritime Port Bourgas EAD: "The Port of Burgas is the deepest port in Bulgaria and has an excellent technical infrastructure for the implementation of the offshore part of the South Stream Offshore Pipeline. The agreement with "South Stream Transport" will be beneficial for both the port and the economy in the region of Burgas, and will provide new jobs."

Source: South Stream Press Office, 2014