SOCAR, Ukraine Negotiating on Oil&Gas; Equipment JV

March 29, 2010

The Azerbaijan state oil and gas company SOCAR is negotiating with Ukrainian authorities to establish a joint venture to manufacture equipment for the oil and gas industry, the head of Ukraine’s trade office in Azerbaijan, Myroslav Blashchuk, said during a news conference today.

“SOCAR and Ukrainian authorities are also discussing the acquisition of several score filling stations in Donetsk Region”, Blashchuk said.

He said that since the end of 2009, Azerbaijan had been supplying crude and oil products to Ukraine including gasoline, jet fuel and various oils and petroleum coke.

“For example, Azerbaijan supplies 9.7 percent of the petroleum coke supplied to Ukraine”, he said.

The Ukrainian diplomat noted that in just January of this year, 240,000 tons of crude had been delivered to Ukraine from Azerbaijan.

“Crude from Azerbaijan is supplied to Ukraine through Batumi to the Kremenchuk refinery”, Blashchuk said.

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