Sikorski: Poland can ride out Russian energy threats

August 4, 2014

Foreign minister Radoslaw Sikorski has claimed that Poland would not be left high and dry if Russia issues counter-sanctions in the energy sector.

“Russia needs to sell its energy even more than we need to buy it, because we can buy energy from other directions, from Norway... also from North Africa,” Sikorski told CNN in the wake of recently agreed EU sanctions against Russia. “Oil can be shipped. "We are just finishing our LNG terminal," he added. Russia has already blocked imports of Polish fruit and vegetables since EU foreign ministers arrived at a sanctions agreement last Tuesday.

Sikorski acknowledged that “Russia is an important trade partner for Poland, twice as important as for Germany in proportion. “So there will be losses all around. But we just cannot stand idly by when Russia annexes, for the first time since the Second World War, a neighbour's first province,” he argued, in reference to Ukraine's loss of Crimea.

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