SIBUR To Co-operate With West-Siberia Innovation Center

September 10, 2010
Representatives from SIBUR Holding visited the West-Siberia Innovation Center to visit the local technopark in Tyumen and study the possibility of co-operating with the center to develop modern technologies.
Specifically, the delegation visited INTES, a company specializing in developing intellectual systems for managing oil wells. INTES Director Bogachuk showed his guests one of his company's inventions – a flow stabilizer.
The guests also visited three more innovations projects that receive support from the Tyumen Technopark.
The SIBUR visitors said all the projects they saw were unique and promising and said it may be possible to implement some of them at the holding.
The visit concluded with a decision to study ways the West-Siberia Innovation Center and SIBUR can co-operate on brining high-tech solutions to Russian industries.
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