Schlumberger Introduces New Multipole Sonic-While-Drilling Service

February 3, 2011
Schlumberger has released its SonicScope* 475 multipole sonic-while-drilling service, the company reported in a news release. This new logging-while-drilling (LWD) service provides multipole measurements to consistently and deliver compressional and shear data in all environments.

SonicScope 475 is the only service in the industry with a dedicated mode for acquiring Stoneley waveforms while drilling to ensure high-quality data before washouts can develop. SonicScope compressional and shear data, with the Stoneley wave acquisition, enable the assessment of rock mechanics and characterization of fractures. This is crucial especially in the North American shale plays for designing complex completions to optimize future production. In addition, a while-tripping mode provides multipass analysis and top-of-cement evaluation.

In Romania, offshore Black Sea, SonicScope was successfully used on two horizontal wells to deliver measurements for geomechanical model interpretation. "The service’s complete and complex investigation enabled us to isolate faults, select fracturing stages and identify the position of packers to plan the multistage hydraulic fracturing completion," said Rodica Cataraiani, head of reservoir management, Petrom S.A. "Production increased from 110 boe/d in 2008 to the record stable 900 boe/d, bringing enormous value in this high cost offshore environment and securing long-term success for OMV Petrom."

Andy Hendricks, president, Schlumberger Drilling & Measurements, added, "Non-productive time remains unacceptably high in the industry today, and wellbore stability and hole cleaning are areas where new technology can have a significant impact. Advanced multipole sonic-while-drilling data help to significantly reduce drilling uncertainties providing critical inputs for real-time drilling geomechanics evaluation, particularly in deepwater operations."

In a 100-well field test campaign, the new service supplied high-quality multipole data comparable to wireline sonic reference logs, even in highly damaged and unstable formations. SonicScope 475 was run in shale plays for horizontal well evaluation for enhanced completion design and optimization. In deepwater wells, SonicScope has been run successfully to enhance real-time pore pressure monitoring, wellbore stability and seismic tie-in.

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