Russo-Bulgarian Stroytransgaz wins tender for South Stream in Bulgaria

May 28, 2014

Stroytransgaz Consortium comprised of the Russian Stroytransgaz oil and gas construction company and Bulgarian Gazproekt Jug AD has won the tender for the design, equipment supplies and construction of the main pipeline South Stream’s 541-kilometer section in Bulgaria, ITAR-TASS said on May 27.

Stroyrtransgaz is preparing to get the €6.6 billion contracts for the construction of South Stream dry sections in Bulgaria, Serbia and Slovenia.

The Bulgarian section of the pipeline is the first dry section along the route, the most technologically complicated and capital-intensive. From the Black Sea coast to the border with Serbia, the company will lay the pipeline and a 59-kilometer spur to the gas distribution junction in the town of Provadia that will redistribute gas to the Bulgarian pipeline system and further to the customers of Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece and Macedonia.

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