Russia’s Rosneft Plans Northern Route for Vankor Oil

November 18, 2013

Oil from the giant Vankor project could be taken out via a projected terminal in the Yenisey River, Barents Observer reported on November 15.

According to local authorities, Vankorneft, a subsidiary of Rosneft, considers to export part of the oil from its Vankor project along the Northern Sea Route. A new terminal with a five million tons capacity is planned built along the Yenisey river, head of the Dolgan-Nenets municipal administration said at a recent conference.

Ultimately, also a second terminal could be built, Ildar Dzhuraev told the conference participants, reports.

The Vankor field, which holds an estimated 3,5 billion barrels of oil, is the biggest oil project launched in Russia over the last 25 years. Production started in 2009 and is expected to reach an output of 25 million tons per year by 2014. The field is located in Krasnoyarsk Kray, in the northern part of East Siberia.

The exports of the Vankor oil through Arctic waters would come as an addition to current pipeline transport. Today, the Vankor oil is transported through Transneft pipelines. According to plans, the oil will also be sent through the Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean pipeline, the major project currently under development.

If built, the Vankor terminal on the Yenisey River would add signicant additional volumes to oil transportation along the Northern Sea Route. As previously reported, there are several more ongoing project, which are aimed at shipping oil products out along the NSR, among them the Novoportovsky project and the Yamal LNG project.

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