Russia’s Rimera Upgrades Geophysical Business

November 27, 2013

New equipment for well research has arrived at Yuganskneftegazgeofizika, a Yugansk-based plant of Rimera.

In October, Yuganskneftegazgeofizika started to use 10 new bucker trucks which were supplied to the plant under a project to upgrade the geophysical part of Rimera’s business.

The Kamaz trucks were supplied according to a leasing contract from the partner Siberian Leasing Company. The new trucks are designed for geophysical exploration in well drilling and for research of the existing wells. The new equipment can be used in sonic wave train logging, research of horizontal areas during exploration wave drilling and simultaneous exploration of several geological objects in pulsed neutron logging and carbon-oxygen logging.

Yuganskneftegaz, which is an oil production asset of Rosneft, is Yuganskneftegazgeofizika’s main client. Service sales of Rimera’s geophysical unit to Rosneft’s production unit have risen by more than 10% this year, according to preliminary estimates.

Source: Rimera, 2013