Russia’s Nord Stream shares environmental database with scientists

March 25, 2014

Nord Stream took a further concrete step in line with its firm commitment to preserve the Baltic Sea with the launch of its Data and Information Fund (DIF) online portal, Nord Stream’s press office said on March 24. This portal enables Nord Stream to share its extensive knowledge and survey data with the scientific community for the further research and preservation of the Baltic Sea.

The DIF covers environmental and seabed survey data (e.g. bathymetry and sediment-type data) along the route of the Nord Stream pipelines within a defined corridor of around 2 kilometres. Nord Stream AG, as the operator of one of the major infrastructure projects in the Baltic Sea (two 1,224 km-long natural gas pipelines through the Baltic Sea) was actively involved in conducting numerous surveys in the Baltic from 2005 to 2012. During this period, the company gathered a wealth of unique data about the Baltic Sea for the purposes of the pipeline design and routing, the project's permit applications and environmental impact assessments as well as the environmental and social monitoring during the construction.

Nord Stream invested over 100 million euros in conducting the most extensive environmental studies of the Baltic Sea. This valuable information gathered over several years can now be utilized to address some of the many challenges of the Baltic Sea environment.

Source: Nord Stream Press Office, 2014