Russia’s Gazprom ready to reduce gas price for Ukraine

June 2, 2014

Russian energy giant Gazprom is prepared to reduce the gas price for Ukraine’s Naftogaz not only through a lower export customs duty, Gazprom CEO Aleksey Miller told reporters on May 2, ITAR-TASS has reported.

“If Ukrainian gas debt is settled Russia will be prepared to consider a scheme of resolving the price issue not only through a lower export customs duty, but also in direct commercial talks on a corporative basis,” he said.

Gazprom also will not sue Ukraine’s Naftogaz at the Stockholm international arbitration court before June 9, Aleksey Miller said. “Along with the decision to delay introduction of advance payment to June 9 Gazprom decided not to sue Ukraine’s Naftogaz at Stockholm international arbitration court for this period of time,” he said.

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