Russia’s Gazprom may ask Ukraine to pre-pay for gas

February 3, 2014

Russian gas giant Gazprom may re-introduce a system of advance payments due to Ukraine’s mounting debt, Vedomosti business daily reported on February 3, citing a company official.

“Gazprom has the right to set a pre-payment condition, but before doing that it is necessary to understand to what extent Ukraine is unable to pay,” the official said.

Ukraine’s debt for the gas supplied in 2013 amounts to U.S. $2.7 billion, which means that the country failed to pay for about half of all gas imported last year. Kiev has promised to repay the debt on January 25 but then asked for a postponement.

“We already see that Naftogaz Ukrainy will not pay for January supplies either,” spokesman for Russian president Dmitry Peskov said.

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