Russia’s Gazprom considers extension to Nord Stream pipeline - newspaper

February 6, 2014

Russian gas giant Gazprom may build two more lines of the Nord Stream pipeline, which already operates in several European countries, Vedomosti business daily reported on February 6, citing the company’s documents, Prime said.

Gazprom is now at the heart of a dispute with Poland over the extension of the Yamal–Europe–2 pipeline, and the gas giant may abandon the extension in favor of a new Nord Stream branch to the U.K, where demand is rising, a source close to Gazprom said Thursday.

The existing two lines are only loaded 60-70% as the German branch Opal cannot be loaded by more than 50% by the monopolist Gazprom under local legislation. The problem will not be resolved until March, Vedomosti reports, citing a European Commission official.

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